Reinventing The Mojo


  • W. Johnson: guitar and vocals
  • Benjamin Cestillo: bass and vocals
  • Enrique ‘Rico’ Gee: drums and vocals

Guest musicians

  • Delv!s: vocals and bluesharp


  1. Shake that ass (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  2. Dig it up (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  3. Bodeguita brew (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  4. She go down to get me high (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  5. Pretty little thang (Petitjean)
  6. Blues for Carol (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  7. Red house (Jimi Hendrix)
  8. Gimme some more (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  9. Miles Dewey III part 2 (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  10. Humbucking (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  11. Louisa (Petitjean/Bols)
  12. Morefun boogie (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  13. Raggafari Jack (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)