Heart Rock & Soul Fire


  • W. Johnson: vocals and guitars
  • Neelzz: bass and vocals
  • Tommy McDuff: drums and vocals


  1. Where No One Went Before (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  2. Burning Desire (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  3. Coming Back To You (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  4. Gypsy Queen (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  5. Two Angels (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  6. Live In The Moment (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  7. Alive Again (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  8. Little Bit A All Right (G. Johnson/M. Shaw/C. Hatton)
  9. 110 % (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  10. I Wanna Take You With Me (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  11. Deep And Divine (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)
  12. Revolution Of Love (Petitjean/Vranken/Bongaerts)