Luke Lammenzo on drums again!

Last Friday (April 28th) we had a very special moment as the original Bacon Fat drummer Luke Lammenzo joined the band on stage for the first time in exactly 11 years (the last show he played was on April 29th, 2006). Luke did a hell of a fun job playing Motorhead’s ‘Going to Brazil’ with the band. Enjoy this video like we did while playing!

‘Not A Man (without you)’ live at Fiesta du Rock 2003 – video

This one was frequently played during the Show Some Steel tour. It is a fine example of original Bacon Fat craftsmanship and would even fit in the 2012 set.
This gig in Flémalle was one of the highlights of the year. Full band in top condition!
However, due to copying from analogue to DVD and being ripped again to present you this video, the resolution is not very good. Still the sound is all there, as is the atmosphere.
And oh yes, here’s your chance for a good ole ‘Hahaaa pussylovers!’ by Mr Nasty at the end of the song!