New album demo recordings

So no gigs at all in December? What the hell have we been up to then?!

Well, we just took a little break from the road to make some demo recordings of our brand new tunes. So far most drums, bass and guitars have been recorded. Up next is creating a basic mix and lay down the vocals.

Recording is fun, but also a little bit boring, especially for those not playing. Check out some video footage of our recording sessions below,  including a nice time-lapse video of the second bass recording session. Neelzz was of course smart enough to put a different audio track on top of the video to obfuscate the endless messing up of his own bass lines!



Drum recording session 8/12 (utter concentration)


Guitar recording session 14/12 (notice the ‘fuck’ at the end of the video!)


Bass recording session 19/12 (video edited by Neelzz)

Studio Time!

Alright bros and sisses! Looks like the band has prepared itself well to hit the studio next week. Last week’s dates in Rijkevorsel, Ghent and Genk put the counter at 19 gigs so far this year.
This weekend the band is off but as of next weekend Bacon Fat will be in the studio upto somewhere in September.
The band will perform one show in between the recordings. That is of course on August 30th at the Nandrin Festival.
You find the complete schedule for all four days here:

Poster Nandrin