Third Demo: Show Some Steel

The third BF-demo (recorded November 2002) was released on Januari 10th, 2003 at Kaffee Den Tuur in Wespelaar. Den Tuur is featured on the cover holding W.’s then still standard Flying V. Note the motorcycle in the back with its deer horns!

Here, for the first time, the band starts adding other musical influences such as free jazz and stonerrock. Aside from six new tracks it’s also the first time ‘Louisa’ is released, pimped up with a heavier bass-line.


  1. Out of nowhere
  2. Pretty little thang
  3. Louisa
  4. Mistery blues
  5. Miles Dewey III
  6. Candyman swag
  7. Not a man (without you)

Second Demo: Plain Sustain

Maybe the most famous of all BF album-covers, definately the most notorious one! It was the first one designed by Le Duc De Berloz who would continue to work with the band up to 2005 when he suddenly seemed to have disappeared from the planet. His last achievement was the artwork for Boogielicious Baby.

Plain Sustain was released in Januari 2002 featuring 5 new tracks (including the title-track which is still a live favorite these days) + 2 live cuts.


  1. I got to tell you
  2. Bad ass lowdown ‘n dirty blues
  3. Woman in black
  4. Pearl blues
  5. Plain sustain
  6. Hangin’ around (live)
  7. Nasty boy (live)