Recording the 5th Bacon Fat album

So what have we been up to lately?

Well, between rehearsing for over 40 live shows in the Band Of Brothers tour so far, we also found the time to write 11 brand new Bacon Fat tunes during the last 18 months. Yesterday we finally went to the Noise Factory studios in Wierde (near Namur) to record those 11 tunes together with one kick-ass cover, which eventually will become the 5th Bacon Fat album.

One thing worth mentioning is that this will be the first album featuring the new drummer Tommy McDuff. Another thing worth mentioning is that the new material will be a little bit harder and faster than the previous album. There also will be some more atmospheric and psychedelic stuff on the new album, as well of some stuff that hasn’t been on any Bacon Fat album before! The new drummer might have something to do with that… But of course the sound will be, as always, 110% unmistakably Bacon Fat!

There’s no title for the new album yet, not even a working title. Should have something to do with “fire”, but still anything is possible. So for now here are some atmosphere pictures of the first two days of recording, which was mostly about getting the drums on tape (or rather hard drive, that’s how it goes these days).

Studio Picture 1

The band is really enjoying themselves!

Studio Picture 2

The Noise Factory mixing desk.

Studio Picture 3

The fully mic’ed Drumkit!

Interview and album review in Fireworks magazine (UK)

Bacon Fat is featured with a full interview in this month’s issue of the UK-based Rock&Metal magazine Fireworks. Just click on the thumbnails below to read the interview (which is also a review of the Band Of Brothers album) and to see the magazine’s cover. The Fireworks magazine also comes with a free sampler CD, containing the song Long Distance Dream from the latest Bacon Fat album Band Of Brothers.

Luke Lammenzo on drums again!

Last Friday (April 28th) we had a very special moment as the original Bacon Fat drummer Luke Lammenzo joined the band on stage for the first time in exactly 11 years (the last show he played was on April 29th, 2006). Luke did a hell of a fun job playing Motorhead’s ‘Going to Brazil’ with the band. Enjoy this video like we did while playing!