The Art Of Freedom


  • W. Johnson: guitar and vocals
  • Benjamin Cestillo: bass and vocals
  • Enrique ‘Rico’ Gee: drums and vocals

Guest musicians

  • John North III: tenor & alto saxophones, bluesharp
  • Gert Michaux: electric piano


  1. You can do it if you want it bad enough (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  2. She’s cocaine (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  3. One on one (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  4. Sevcan (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  5. Play with feel (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  6. Art 1: We shouldn’t do that… (Petitjean/North/Michaux/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  7. Live and die for rock’n roll (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  8. Talking Jayme (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  9. Thug Job (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  10. My baby and me (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  11. The tale of Scott and Louie (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  12. Liberty Bell (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  13. Art 2: But then again… Freedom… (Petitjean/North/Michaux/Kesteloot/Goossens)