Boogielicious Baby


  • W. Johnson: guitar and vocals
  • Mr. Nasty: bass and vocals
  • Luke Lammenzo: drums


  1. Motorcycle Hotel (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  2. Kick the boogieman (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  3. Strip down (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  4. Hangin’ around (Petitjean)
  5. Pony-tail daydream (Petitjean)
  6. Rub top shuffle (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  7. Red pussycat (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  8. Nasty boy (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  9. Bad ass lowdown ‘n dirty blues (Petitjean/Bols/Lammens)
  10. Just as long as we go (Petitjean)
  11. Plain sustain (Petitjean/Bols)