Band Of Brothers


  • W. Johnson: vocals and guitars
  • Neelzz: bass and vocals
  • Enrique ‘Rico’ Gee: drums and vocals


  1. You Better Get Running (Petitjean/Kesteloot/Goossens)
  2. Heartbreaker (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)
  3. Chiquita (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)
  4. Downtown (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)
  5. Rock ‘n Roll Lover (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)
  6. Long Distance Dream (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)
  7. LA Woman (Densmore/Krieger/Manzarek/Morrison)
  8. Caught You On A Crawlin’ (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)
  9. Dance Our Trouble Away (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)
  10. Don’t Treat Me Unkind (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)
  11. Band Of Brothers (Petitjean/Vranken/Goossens)


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