Tommy McDuff


Tommy McDuff joined Bacon Fat during the last months of 2016, after Rico Gee decided to leave the band for personal and work related reasons.

Tommy’s first experience with drumming dates way back to 1981, when at the age of six he got his first little toy drumkit for Christmas. His big influence back then was The Who’s Keith Moon, and that was very unfortunate for the little drumkit. It was destroyed within a week after an attempt to mimic Keith Moon’s style in the legendary My Generation video clip. So that’s where Tommy’s first experience with drumming ended…

Fast forward to 1989, when Tommy’s father’s old Star drumkit re-emerged from the attic. It was an old and rusty piece of junk, but it awoke the taste for drumming in Tommy again. The first tunes he learned to play were Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley and Paradise City by Guns ‘N Roses.

Not much later Tommy started his first band Chaos with some high school friends. The style was a mixture of Indie and Classic Rock. Chaos played their first show in April 1993 at a local festival called Rock Romania. The band played some more shows during the following year, but mid 1994 they split up.

In the meantime, Tommy started listening to heavy metal more and more. However, because of studies and later work, he didn’t have any time to play in a band anymore.

Then finally in 1996 Tommy teamed up again with the old guitarist from Chaos, who coincidentally also started listening to heavy metal. That’s when the foundation of a metal band called Dusk was forged.

Juicy detail: Dusk’s first bassist was a big fellow named Kris Bols. In July 2000 he teamed up with W. Johnson to start up a new band called Bacon Fat!

Yet another juicy detail: during that time Tommy McDuff also gave drumming lessons. One of his students was the young Rico Gee!

Anyway, Dusk lasted until late 2007 (obviously without Kris on the bass from 2000 onward), after which they  split up and Tommy quit drumming altogether in favor of work and family life, although he kept annoying his wife, daughters and colleagues with random hand drumming on any surface that would produce a sound (and that’s basically, well, any surface).

Until 2015, when he met W. Johnson, Neelzz and Rico Gee during the monthly jam sessions they were hosting at cafe Del Mar in Sint-Truiden. This rekindled the drumming spirit in Tommy, and from then on he jammed together with the boys almost every month.

So when Rico decided to quit the band, the choice was quite obvious…