Neelzz joined Bacon Fat in 2012.

He had his first guitar experience at the age of 14. After his teacher/good friend died in a car accident he gave up on playing the guitar though he always carried it with him.

He then entered the world of hip hop.

Nine years later he decided to pick up the guitar again. That’s when he met W. Johnson.
From the start it was clear that playing together seemed very natural for both W. and Neelzz. The magicK was instant one could say.

When being asked to join Bacon Fat on the bass guitar Neelzz took the offer without hesitating.

It took about nine months of intensive rehearsal to prepare him to get on the road.

Neelzz brings loads of extra drive and power into the rhythm-section. His straighter style of playing underlines the rock-aspect of the band and might be interpreted as a wink to the early days with Mr Nasty on bass.

Next to his seriousness concerning the music, he is also the guy that’s always in for a laugh and a crazy act.

No doubt this man fits in very well with the rest of the band. With this newly recruited beast on the bass Bacon Fat takes a fresh start in 2013.

From here on the energy level of the band exceeds beyond imagination.



  • Aguilar amplifier and cabinet
  • Custom Firebird bass guitar (left handed)
  • Acoustic bass guitar (left handed)
  • No picks, just fingers!