Exit Rico Gee – enter Tommy McDuff

Well, it’s about time we present our new drummer to y’all. He was planned to do his first performance with the band later this month. However, since Rico had an accident and was unable to play his last two Bacon Fat shows, we had to switch the drummers seat a few weeks earlier. And our new pal did a hell of a job!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome aboard on Bacon Fat drums: mister Tommy McDuff.

Tommy played with Dusk up to 2008. Dusk was a local metalband which also featured one Mr. Nasty on bass. In 2000 Mr. Nasty quit Dusk to start up a new band that eventually would become Bacon Fat. Small world ay!

Since then Tommy’s drums were stored in his cellar only to see the light again a few years ago. He joined in with the monthly jam-session Bacon Fat held at cafĂ© del Mar (RIP). That’s where the first musical contacts with Tommy happened.

On top of that he used to be the drum-teacher of Rico back in the days. Rico even suggested him immediately when he decided to quit the band. So in one way or another Tommy was obviously destined to join Bacon Fat and now he has finally arrived.

Let 2017 begin…